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Site is intended to take you on a journey to the undiscovered parts of mountains. It's not only for beginners, but it's also about higher emotions being a part of amazing and not very common ski adventures. The Autor of Ski247 presents mountains based on his own experience. You should know that everybody who visits the site wants to stay and surf around. Kuba Zygmunt is acting in all ski videos published on this site. The creator and the owner of the site is Kuba Zygmunt.

Attention: The results of the independent ski test 2017 have been published on this site.

Author - Kuba Zygmunt:

Kuba Zygmunt

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Parallel long turns

At the end of a turn use the centrifugal force to raise the posture slightly and lean inside the opposite arc shape your skis are starting to make and switch edges at the same time. Starting the turn lower your posture...

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Short turns

When applying this technique, you perform rapid rhythmic turns close to the fall line. Your skis should be hip width apart. At the end of a turn plant a pole, raise the posture and rotate skis around tips to start the opposite turn....

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It’s all about killing kickers, half pipes and other stuff located within snow parks. Before you manage advanced tricks it’s nice to start with 20m long flights, when you have an opportunity to learn how to maintain stable posture...

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