Short turns

When applying this technique, you perform rapid rhythmic turns close to the fall line. Your skis should be hip width apart. At the end of a turn plant a pole, raise the posture and rotate skis around tips to start the opposite turn. Continue through the turn and start lowering the posture after passing the fall line. Apply much pressure on edges at the end of a turn. Then start the opposite turn. This technique is worth applying when you encounter a steep terrain.

Short turns:



Skis designed for high speed smooth turns with radius length between 16-23m. Nominal values are possible to obtain on well prepared, hard and steep surface. Stable performance is guaranteed due to hard ski structure. In comparison with a slalom ski, giant one is less side-cut,...

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Skis designed for short radius and sudden turns at lower speeds on well prepared and hard surface. Short radius of turns (between 9-15m) is achieved thanks to deep side-cut. Aggressive attacking slalom poles is possible due to...

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Skis dedicated for off-piste. Designers want to decrease the ski pressure on the surface to prevent from sinking in powder. This aim is obtained thanks to increased length and width. Also deep side-cut is...

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