Pre-season sports

The most important factor is diversity of sports thus as a pre-season exercises I suggest tennis, basketball, windsurfing, fun with axe, volleyball attacks.


Dance with basketball (CaBasketball):



Skis designed for high speed smooth turns with radius length between 16-23m. Nominal values are possible to obtain on well prepared, hard and steep surface. Stable performance is guaranteed due to hard ski structure. In comparison with a slalom ski, giant one is less side-cut,...

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Skis designed for short radius and sudden turns at lower speeds on well prepared and hard surface. Short radius of turns (between 9-15m) is achieved thanks to deep side-cut. Aggressive attacking slalom poles is possible due to...

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Skis dedicated for off-piste. Designers want to decrease the ski pressure on the surface to prevent from sinking in powder. This aim is obtained thanks to increased length and width. Also deep side-cut is...

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